Sansone Concert Guitar

As for the harpsichord a guitar is an instrument that has a reduced sound compared to strings, therefore when a guitar is called to execute a soloist role performance within an orchestra concert, its Achilles’ heel comes out! An example above all can be the "Aranjuez Concert". A booster (amplifier) is often used to balance the sound of the guitar with those of the other orchestra's instruments, but obviously enough this tactic mispresents the timbre of a guitar or of any other musical stringed instruments. Just because of this problem and with the determined aim to overcome it, we’ve had the idea (and done a good project) of creating a particularly "High-sounding guitar", a guitar able to keep-up with "high volumes"!

The concept of a great sonority goes through many scientific studies on the human voice. As we know, operatic artists sing in large theatres without any
electronic support, as for instance a microphone! This fact doesn't though alterate in any way the harmony of sounds between the orchestra instruments and the voice. -How can this be possible?-it is possible because a framed voice has a particular harmonic composition and stratification. If we carefully look at the voiceprint-spectrogram of a professional singer we can visualize as mostly relevant, that there is a huge reinforcement of some harmonics, and more precisely those that are around and between 2800 and 3300 HZ -which are to be considered the basic element of a sound. These aren't though the only interacting frequences, also those between 5000-6000/9000 HZ have a prominent role. We must say that human listening is not at all "linear" and
the "loudness curve" can give us an idea of this point. These frequencies resound in the human ear-cavity with an increment that can easily reach a +12 db. As a conclusion it is not the "power" of a sound that determines the volume, but its harmonic composition is what really makes the difference.
The "SANSONE GUITAR FOR CONCERTS" is thought and built without modifying the structure of the classical instrument. It nevertheless adopts expedients which have the remarkable potential to increase an harmonic acoustic-spectrum. Thanks to a cylinder (that works as an organ-pipe)grafted in a tiny hole it is possible to develope specific harmonics that together with
the sound-box vibrations and the sound of the main hole, succeed in giving the instrument an amazing timbre, warm and brilliant at the same time.

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